State of the Art Recycling Systems

The most important components in the Recycling System are

  • Densifier / Agglomerator
  • Sink / Float Tank
  • Dynamic Centrifuge
  • Turbo Wash
  • Shear / Guillotine

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The densifier increases the "loose" weight of flakes of the above indicated materials to about 0.45 mt/m3,  thus increasing hte performance of the extruder. The material is also degassed and completely dried. The densifier  operates in "batches" and the processing chamber is loaded before and during the process.

The high-energy-blades shred the material and  press it under the rotor due to its design. The friction heats the material to the processing temperature. At this temperature the material becomes highly viscous. 
Subsequently cold water is injected into the process which causes the material to densify.  The whole process is automatic for the new models.


Sink Float Tank

Separates the floating and sinking materials in one tank with our efficient sink/float tank. Using the longstanding experience and genius of Costarelli in the design and construction of washing plants, we were able to create this product that simplifies and speeds up the process of plastic recycling.


Dynamic Centrifuge

OCI GmbH's dynamic centrifuge endures unusual ruggedness. We designed it according to the reliable principles of a horizontal centrifuge, and it's installed next to a turbo wash and sink/float tank. Our dynamic centrifuge combines washing and subsequent drying of the shredded plastic material.


Turbo Wash

OCI GmbH's turbo wash is useful when it comes to cleaning dirty, pre-shredded material. When you use our turbo wash, you also increase the recovery rate of material from the sink/float tank, as it doesn't have to wash away paper and aluminum foil residues anymore.


Shear / Guillotine

OCI GmbH's Shear / Guillotine pre-cuts all kind of plastic material. The material can be in form of bales, rolls, tubes, containers or other.


Overview of all Products we offer:

The Link shows an overview of all major components that constitute a modern Plastic Recycling Plant.


Turn-key Projects

OCI, together with Offcine Meccaniche Costarelli, offers Turn-key projects for Recycling  of a kinds of Plastic Material. 


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Typical washing / regeneration plant configuration (cutting, washing, drying, densifying, granulating)

Typical washing / regeneration plant configuration (cutting, washing, drying, densifying, granulating)

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