Typical Applications: LDPE, HDPE, PP (BigBags, Carpets)  , PO-Mixed fraction, PVC, PA6 (Nylon), PET-fibers.


ldpe motley

Agrofilm-Flakes washed and dried
with centrifuge ca. 0.08 mt/m3

Densified Material ca. 0.45 mt/m3

Description of Operation                 movie Video shows Densifier in Operation

The densifier increases the "loose" weight of flakes of the above indicated materials to about 0.45 mt/m3,  thus increasing hte performance of the extruder. The material is also degassed and completely dried. The densifier  operates in "batches" and the processing chamber is loaded before and during the process.

The high-energy-blades shred the material and  press it under the rotor due to its design. The friction heats the material to the processing temperature. At this temperature the material becomes highly viscous. 

Subsequently cold water is injected into the process which causes the material to densify.  The whole process is automatic for the new models.


automatic densifier d 1500

densifier d 1500 with board for auxiliaries

Automatic Densifier D 1500

Densifier D 1500 with board for auxiliaries

Densifier D 1500/ 560 kW with 20 m3 Flakes-Silo
and Loading Conveyor

Design: movieVideo shows technical details


    • Capacity depending on material (v.Table of model range from 500 kg/h to 1600 kg/h)
    • Temperature control during process by  Pyrometer
    • Instrument points for  automatic operation
    • Electric main motor
    • Chamber inspection door
    • Upper part with inspection door and protects against backflow of vapour
    • Oil lubrification of roller bearings via automatic pump, water cooling of lube-oil
    • Control of bearing temperature during operation
    • automatic grease boxes for electric main motor
    • Air cooled transmission belts
    • A series of accident protection devices for the machine
    • Control panel integrated with electrical motor control center 400 V
  • Color according client's indications
  • Optional: steam cleaning system
  • Installation conforms to the CE standard
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