Plastic Recycling Process to regenerate used and contaminated plastic material to valued commercial products

State of the art plastic recycling / regeneration has become a necessity in most counties in order to protect the environment and to recover valuable carbohydrate resources that would otherwise be irretrievable lost. Recycled plastic can be converted into hundreds of different applications, not least to synthetic fuel.

A complete recycling process covers the following steps:

Shredding / Grinding Module

The Material has to be reduced to smaller size by shredding or grinding. Then follows the all-important

Washing / Drying Module:

The material is cleaned in a Turbowash machine before it is inserted into a Sink/Float Tank where the floating Polyolefines(PO) separates from the heavier materiasl such as PET, PS, PVC.  Subsequently the material has to be dried in a centrifuge for the next step in the process.

Densifying Module

The material is heated by the friction effect of the high speed rotor of the densifier. Before reaching the melting point the material is shock-cooled down by water injection which causes the densification.

Optionally the material can be further processed in an Extruder producing a high value regranulate / pellets.

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